Directory of Homestays & Resorts in Anakkampoyil

Directory of Homestays & Resorts in Anakkampoyil

A misty paradise for travel-loving people. Kakkadampoyil, which is also known to be the Ooty of Malabar, is a small Hamlet or village which lies on the border between Kozhikode and Malappuram. Fascinating and ever green forests, gushing streams, chirpy birds, foggy hills and valleys lure everyone’s perception. It is 50kms away from Kozhikode and Located in Koodaranhi panchayat, the village has recently emerged as a major tourist destination in the district. It is true that Kakkadampoyil is not a very popular place which is known worldwide and also very difficult even to figure out in the tourist map. But it is a perfect picturesque terrain which gives each and every traveller a refreshing experience.

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At the time of monsoon, the beauty is at its peak, a small cute heaven. Its beauty is surrounded by forests, misty hill ranges, deserted roads, untouched waterfalls (Kozhippara waterfalls), make the village worth a visit. The natural beauty of this hill station is a delight to those who desire to spend time in the lap of nature. Kakkadampoyil is blessed with salubrious climate throughout the year. Whether under the radiant rays of the sun and spell of hedgy mist, the hill look bright. Enjoy a family gateway in this magic hills of Malabar. There are plenty of resorts opening up here.

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The main residents here are the local tribals. We are firstly welcomed here by the small and beautiful waterfall which is flowing from the hilltop which is surrounded by the beautiful greenery surrounded. It is also said that even in summer season the streams don’t dry up. Even though Kakkadampoyil is a small village, there are many tourist spots for a true traveller to explore. The main attractions here are Kakkadampoyil Amusement Park, Kozhippara Waterfalls, Nedumkayam Rainforest, Pazhassiraja Tomb, Teak Museum and Valamthode Waterfalls. Kozhippara Waterfalls is one of the emerging tourist destinations now, but as the Forest department has took over the authority of the waterfalls,tourists can only watch the waterfalls from a distance and taking a dip there is prohibited. Near to which there is a cave which is a perfect trekking point and it is also used to be known as the hiding place of the Great Pazhasi Raja in order to escape from the East India Company soldiers at the time of War. Kakkadampoyil comes under the Nilambur DFO and those who can take the permission from the DFO can trek the Grassland Hills,  Chemboth Mala or the Pottan Para Hills

Some of the important tourist places are :-
Vavul Mala, Olichuchattam Waterfalls Arippara Water Falls, Vellarimala Kozhippara Waterfalls, Nedumkayam

Important Tourist Places in Anakkampoyil